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The leader in application delivery infrastructure, Citrix provides end-to-end delivery solutions that use desktop, application, and server virtualization to enable customers to increase the agility, performance, and security of Windows-based applications, while significantly lowering operating costs.

Citrix and Microsoft Virtualization

Citrix application delivery solutions (for applications, desktops, and servers) along with technology from Microsoft enable IT to flexibly and cost effectively deliver applications and desktops to users anywhere.

A Microsoft partner for nearly two decades, Citrix delivers Windows-based applications and desktops to more than 100 million users in more than 200,000 companies worldwide.

Solutions from Citrix and Microsoft enable you to reduce costs and increase IT flexibility by centralizing Windows-based applications, desktops, and servers in the data center and dynamically delivering them to users anywhere. This significantly improves agility, security, and performance, while lowering operating costs.

The tight integration of Citrix solutions with Window Server 2008, Hyper-V virtualization technology, Terminal Services presentation virtualization, and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 provides application and desktop delivery solutions for customers of all sizes, including enterprise, large, midmarket, and small and midsize businesses.

  • Lower IT Cost of Operations: Consolidate servers, applications, and desktops in the data center for simplified management, reduced infrastructure, and support costs, providing the lowest total cost of operations.
  • Quickly Enable Key Business Initiatives: Deliver Windows-based desktops and applications to users anywhere to enable IT to quickly respond to key strategic business initiatives, such as business continuity, outsourcing/off-shoring, telecommuting, regulatory compliance, and new application roll out.
  • Provide a Superior End-User Experience: Enable all users to access their pristine, personalized desktops and applications from anywhere with best performance, which leads to higher productivity and employee satisfaction due to work flexibility.